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✠ — [Text: Kiki] Do you think my ceiling lamp could hold a body?

[Text]: Why? Did you run out of room in the walls?


I Nagisa-ed Arabian style at Sakuracon 2014.

It was fun : >

// Reblogging from my personal. 

Quite honestly Kiki hadn’t expected to make it this far. 

The girl had gotten the urge to explore a place that was both new and far from her current residence. She didn’t think that she would be able to sneak on board of that ship without being caught, nor did she think that said ship would be traveling so far from home.

But it was far too late to turn back now. 

Until Kiki decided that it would be a good time to try and contact her father and let him and her brothers know where she was at, the redhead was stuck here. Wherever.. here.. was, anyway. Perhaps it would be a good idea to find that out as soon as she possibly could. 

If passerby were paying any attention to her, they’d be able to tell almost instantly that she wasn’t from around here. She was looking in awe at some of the silliest things after all. And.. well.. perhaps the shoes she wore on her feet were a pretty dead give away too. So far the girl hadn’t found anyone else here that had wooden geta on their feet. 

Kiki wouldn’t let that bother her though.

There was still too much exploring left to do after all. 

So here’s the deal. 

Aside from those who I’ve barely interacted with, my muse and her previously established relationship with anyone else’s will be a little different from now on. 

Just treat this situation like she has amnesia and it isn’t very likely that any of her memories will return. 

I know I still owe a starter to okitasojisatsuninken (and I need to turn the ask thread into a regular thread for vermilion-vampire-hime). I’m getting to them. Sorry for my epic slowness guys! ;A; 

If you want a starter, like this post and I’ll come up with something okay? 


Cuddle them, kiss them, nibble their neck, tickle them, whisper dirty things in their ear, use all their romantic dreams and sexual fantasies against them! If you succeed, your muse gets a special prize- my muse will do anything they say for 24 hours!