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Please pick 1 post size.

So far I am the only Makai Ouji cosplayer oAo



-The Prizes-

  • a ps4 console

  • Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag
  • Battlefield 4
  • Destiny (preorder)
  • Final Fantasy XV (preorder)
  • Kingdom Hearts III (preorder)

-The Rules-

  • Must be following me (i will check— my url is subject to change keep an eye on the url that shows up above this text)
  • Reblog as much as you want; likes don’t count
  • Giveaway/sideblogs are not allowed (i will check)
  • Ask must be open and you must respond within 24 hrs otherwise i will pick a new winner

The giveaway ends May 31st

Good luck!

Send me a ♥ and I'll randomly generate a number. Send at your own risk.
1: Punch you in the face.
2: Kiss your eyelids.
3.: Kick you in the shins.
4: Stab you.
5: Kidnap you for my own reasons.
6: Hug you and kiss your forehead tenderly.
7: Slap you.
8: Give you a shoulder rub.
9: Hand over a flower as a gift.
10: Insult your mother.
11: Grope your bum.
12: Compliment your hair.
13: Throw your most precious item into a fire.
14: Ask you out on a date.
15: Do you a favour.
16: Trip you down some stairs.
17: Friendly hug.
18: Awkwardly try to hit on you/flirt with you.
19: Have a Freudian slip about your fat butt.
20: Ask you to marry me.